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Online Examination

Client Requirement

We got a requirement from a renowned education organisation for a state level online exam management. Before the online systems, schools used to send entries manually via printed forms.
Also the results were maintained in excel and then evaluated manually.
It was difficult for the client to segregate all the data with lot of communication gap and mistakes in the form. Also calculating top scorers among thousands of students was a tedious job.


While working on this project, our team of developers faced certain challenges, including –
• The client had concerns about training so many schools to use this application. We had to ensure that UI is simple and friendly.
• We had to generate seat numbers based on the area code of the student.
• All the communication with school, student and organisation had to be automated.
• Ensure that school data is safe and not shared across the schools
• Handle various criteria’s for calculating top scorers


After identifying all the pain points client was facing, WebFills team came up with following solution:
• The backend web application with secure login for organisation and schools
• Identified the pattern for seat numbers and implemented it
• School were given access to registrations, hall ticket printing, confirmations etc.
• SMS functionality for every update e.g. seat number
• Conducted training for all schools in batches
• Online support for any queries faced by schools or organisation


With effective communication and relevant tasks being delegated to participants, client was happy with application and recommended us to more clients for such requirement.
This system is still in use with more features being added every year.